Why Facebook for Business? Suzanne Barber, Digital Strategist at Hillberg & Berk, Tells You Why.

Facebook recently visited the Queen City to host Boost Your Business, an event dedicated to helping and educating small businesses and entrepreneurs in Regina. The event highlighted and explained how powerful Facebook tools, like Pages and Ads Manager, can positively impact local businesses. In addition to a presentation, Facebook invited a panel of representatives from three Regina businesses to answer questions, share their social media experiences and provide advice.  We sat down with one of those panelists, Suzanne Barber, Digital Strategist at Hillberg & Berk, to dig a little bit deeper into how businesses can utilize Facebook.

Look: Hillberg & Berk has seen success with Facebook for Business. What other businesses do you recommend Facebook for?

Suzanne: I think all businesses should be on Facebook in some capacity. For so many businesses it’s now like a second website homepage. There are many powerful, cost-effective tools through the platform–I don’t think you’re fully optimizing your business until you utilize tools like Facebook.

Look: What should someone new to Facebook for Business focus on to get started?

Suzanne: When dealing with social media in general, it is important to focus first on business practices. What I mean by that is it’s really hard to have sustainable, quality content if you’re not doing that in real life. You can’t fake it, so focus on building that part of your business first, and then it becomes really easy to translate that knowledge to whatever other platform you choose.

For Facebook specifically, the first thing you should focus on is building a quality page, then set up your Business Manager and Ads Manager. Ads Manager, in terms of your digital advertising, is easy to use, flexible, easy to monitor and adjust your budgeting, and it can just give you a lot of powerful options.

Look: If someone hasn’t set up a Facebook Business Page, do you think delving into Ads Manager will be difficult for them?

Suzanne: If you’re familiar with your personal Facebook profile, they do a good job of creating cohesion between the two. However, it won’t be without its challenges. The good news is that there are plenty of resources online through articles, forums,  and your Facebook account reps.

Look: And they have tutorials every step of the way?

Suzanne: Every time I come up with a problem, I just Google it or go to Facebook and figure it out. There are forums, articles, videos and newsletters that you can sign up for, so that you can keep up with all the ongoing changes.

Look: And what better way to get into this than just start doing.

Suzanne: Exactly. Get familiar with it and start. Try to make sure that what you’re doing in your business is high quality, because one of the best things about social media is that it provides transparency. If you are a business with poor practices and you are lacking in areas, those are the things that can come through in social media. The same is true if you’re doing really good things in your business; your social media is amazing because it amplifies how great you are and allows you to stand out against businesses that are larger and aren’t doing the same things.

Look: In your view, what is the single biggest advantage you see from using Facebook Business?

Suzanne: Flexibility. What I mean is the flexibility from campaign to campaign through targeting, and your ability to make immediate changes. I can adjust my budget anytime, stop an ad or edit a post. With print, once it is printed, it’s final and out there. You have more flexibility with digital ads and Facebook.

One of the biggest advantages for Hillberg & Berk is the targeting capability and the ability to track conversions and analytics. It allows you to get to know your audience a lot more thoroughly.

Look: That conversion tracking would be through the Facebook Pixel?

Suzanne: Yes, the Facebook Pixel is definitely one of the ways to utilize analytics like conversions. And insights – the analytics on Facebook are useful definitely, but even more fundamental than that is how wide the audience is. Millions of people are going to Facebook every day; approx. 77 million people/per hour to be exact.

It is where your customers are, it’s optimized for mobile, it’s user-friendly, and although it’s pay to play, it’s still a lot more cost-effective than traditional advertising.

Look: How would Hillberg & Berk change without utilizing Facebook as a marketing tool?

Suzanne: The biggest thing is that we would have to put more resources into making sure we were very connected with our customers. Right now it’s an accessible, easy channel for us to provide customer service, recruit, and have an immediate connection with those audiences, especially in new markets. If we didn’t have that we would have a lot more to do in that regard, and customer service would change online vs. in-store. It would be harder to converse with the customer, and you’d lose the analytics.

Look: Do you have any dream features or services you would like Facebook to roll out?

Suzanne: One of the things that is overwhelming with Facebook is the amount of notifications. We are often bootstrapping and using other software to try and manage notifications, making sure that all requests are going to the right place and the right people.

Look: Is there anything you’d like to add?

Suzanne: Facebook is an awesome tool for Hillberg & Berk for all of our external communication, but we’ve also been able to utilize it internally with a staff page. If we didn’t have that page, we would miss all the important information that is shared that helps build our culture. Everyone celebrates wins and supports each other. It helps us connect with people in other parts of the market, and flattens the entire organization.

Look: That’s an amazing way to build engagement! Thank you for your time, Suzanne.

Check out Hillberg & Berk’s Facebook Business page: https://www.facebook.com/hillbergandberk

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