When it’s ALL a priority!

Between work, family, friends and countless other tasks jam-packed into a day, life can seem a little overwhelming. Sometimes, the mountain of competing activities can paralyze you to the point where you just don’t know where to begin. But, everything starts somewhere, one step at a time. As a Project Manager for Look, I know that jobs can get really busy, really fast – and it is important to follow a process so things don’t fall behind:

  1. Take a breath and a step back, and take in the whole picture. Create a master list of all upcoming projects, not worrying about task level items.
  2. Create a list for each project. Each project should have a set of tasks and timelines necessary to complete that project from beginning to end – allowing you to consider all the details required before moving on to the next task.
  3. Determine the value of each project. For example, client work takes priority over internal work, hard deadlines take priority over wish lists.
  4. Work these projects into your schedule, beginning with the most valued (highest priority) to the least valued (lowest priority). Be reasonable with what you can accomplish each day, each week.
  5. You have masterfully created your schedule and the only thing left to do is execute – or so you thought!
  6. Stay adaptable for last minute additions, unforeseen complications or changing priorities. Take them in stride and re-structure your plan.

By investing more time earlier on in a well thought out plan, you will save yourself that feeling of being overwhelmed. You will find that you are now more effective and efficient, and prepared to tackle any challenge.


Plan, execute and adapt.

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