What I Have Learned from Building the Look Website – Again

Not too long ago, we decided to change our name from Look Matters to Look Agency, or as our clients call us, Look. Throughout the process we designed and developed a new website and creative platform to complement the brand.

And then we changed it.

In a world where technology moves at such a fast pace and everything changes in the blink of an eye, by the time we launched our website, we were already thinking of new ways to promote the Look brand online. If there is something that projects have taught us, it is that small website changes can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Whether it is swapping out an image for a new one that better represents the brand, or updating the content to accurately reflect the products or services you offer, change is inevitable and should be embraced.

The Look website is a good example of this.

The new website focuses more on our work and what we can do for our clients that sets us apart from other marketing companies. Instead of boring users with pages and pages of content, we focus more on the visuals and showcase our work in a clean and concise manner. We also cut through the content noise and only focus on words that would help the client understand what Look offers and how we can service them.

As our CEO, Zlatan Fazlagic, always says “the only thing in life that is constant is change.” This is especially true in the world of marketing, and if you don’t embrace it you will be behind the curve sooner than you think.

For an example of a Look client that is always adapting to online changes and trends, visit hillbergandberk.com and let us know what you think.

We would love to sit down and discuss how we can help your website adapt to changes online.

Tell us what you think.