The Monday Hot 5!

It’s Monday and it’s HOT out. Well, it’s warm, but a 30-degree swing in the weather has got us revved up for this week! Let’s get to it.

Cool New Trends to Expect in 2017

I’m always interested in the hot new trends that come along with every new year. Mostly because I’m SO curious if people get together and decide what will be cool – the colour of 2017 will be GREENERY PANTONE 15-0343 – or if people are actually observing what’s coming down the pipe. According to this Strategy Online article, we can expect wine in a can and conscious cooking – “root to stem” – to be trending this year. That and something about millennials not wanting to grow up, but we all knew that already.

 5 Digital Marketing Trends that are Doomed

Some trends come while others go. Mashable has put together a list of some of the digital marketing trends they expect to die this year. Some of them are a bit of a stretch.Twitter? Come on guys. An then there are others that you would have thought were dead already….banner ads anyone? Give the list a look and let us know if you agree. From my perspective, they all make common sense. Except Twitter dying. Get real, Mashable!

The Best 20-Cent Solution You’ve Never Heard Of 

Without getting too technical, an engineer recently invented a paper-based solution to a typically expensive and highly technical problem – separating the contents of biological samples. Who cares? We do, because it’s the process they use to start diagnosing malaria and HIV. The inventor, Manu Prakash, calls it ‘Frugal Science” and he’s on a quest to make health care and science more affordable and accessible. Check out the video and article, as it’s fascinating stuff. We love it when ‘new tech’ equates to a simple solution.

Netflix Reaches an All-Time High

In news that we’re not surprised about at all, Netflix is STILL crushing records. With a brief hiccup in 2016, all signs are pointing to the King of Disruption getting back on track and adding a more than forecasted amount of subscribers. What does this mean for you? More money for groundbreaking and award wining shows like The CrownStranger Things, and this past weekend’s launch of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events!

Kickstarter Projects Don’t Equal Happiness

Remember when the self-flying drone, Lily, debuted on Kickstarter and raised $34 million? The one where we were all going to start our own reality show, or document every moment of our life hands-free? Well, it’s been canceled due to ‘production issues’. It’s a simple reminder that not all entrepreneurial dreams come true, and yes, even some of the most promising Kickstarter campaigns fall flat. I guess you are going to have to continue asking your little brother to document your day. Either that, or get Snap Spectacles!

– Greg

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