The Advantages of Putting Young Professionals First

Last week, I wrote a blog about understanding millennials and how they can have a positive impact on your organization. A key takeaway was the fact that millennials worked at a much quicker pace than what has traditionally been done, and often times they want to climb the corporate ladder overnight. While this is not normally the case, there are advantages to putting younger people in more senior positions.

Recently, I overheard a comment about a young individual not trusted to make business decisions because of their age. The person assumed that age mattered when it came to performance. While I do agree that experience plays a big part in being able to make appropriate business decisions, it does not mean that someone with less experience won’t have the same outcome. Here are some advantages of putting younger people in more senior positions in the professional industry:

  1. Fresh Perspective – younger employees are often unbiased when it comes to making new decisions. Since they don’t have the background experience to know what it right or wrong, they will take the time to properly assess the situation and come up with solutions that may not have been thought of or even considered. Having this type of mindset can be an advantage to any organization, and produce outcomes and processes for future situations. And if they end up getting it wrong, they will quickly learn from their mistakes and adapt for next time.
  2. Motivated – millennials are eager and motivated to learn. With more responsibility comes the pressure to perform, and knowing this, they will take the time to understand the situation from all sides and assess the best possible outcome. And when they don’t know the answer, they will rely on those around them to get opinions and bounce ideas off of.
  3. Prove Something – when young professionals first enter their industry, they feel the need to prove themselves to those around them. Whether that is their employer, co-worker or client, millennials put a lot of pressure on themselves to make sure they are performing at 100%. Therefore, their decisions are influenced by this and they think twice about making a final call for fear of being wrong.
  4. Competent – competency can go a long way for someone’s career. It shouldn’t matter what your age or role is, competent professionals bring a lot of value to the table.

People will make mistakes (at any age) and by limiting someone’s career potential because of their age, you are only hurting your organization in the end. If you know someone who has the drive, competence and skill set to make it big, why limit them an opportunity to make your organization better because of where they are in life?

Look is an agency that empowers employees (no matter what their age) to make their own decisions. While it is always important to work with others to make sure we get the best possible outcome, the only way to learn is to put both feet forward and try.

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