Seamless Sales: The Importance Of Native Content

As consumer tastes and expectations change, new marketing strategies constantly arise to address those changes. Arguably the most significant new strategy is native content, or marketing content that appears to be written to inform while subtly promoting a product. An effective native content strategy can substantially improve your brand’s appeal, especially among millennials and other customers who value authenticity.

Advertising Advantages

Native content is key to winning over millennial customers, one of the largest and most important markets for advertisers to appeal to. In a recent HubSpot study, 84 percent of millennials surveyed reported that they did not trust traditional outbound advertising, a likely consequence of their preference for authenticity. 43 percent stated that the think authenticity is more important than content, indicating that they have to trust a source before they will read it regularly.

Through native content, your company can sidestep millennials’ and others’ distrust for outbound ads, gaining their trust and gradually working your product into the writing. If your content tells a story or conveys important information, audiences interested in the topics you cover will begin reading it. Over time, they will come to trust it as a source of information; you can then suggest your product to them, doing so in a way that fits seamlessly with what you are writing. This will allow you to increase awareness in a way that consumers, and especially millennial consumers, are likely to respond positively to.

Tips & Techniques

Native content has great potential, but only if you produce it effectively. To appear engaging and authentic, make sure to:

  • Seek Subtlety– Don’t openly promote your company in native advertising. Instead, subtly mention your brand in a context that will make it look good, avoiding direct value judgments.
  • Embrace Experience– Whenever possible, your writing should reflect experiences that you or your co-workers have had. The more you incorporate real experiences, the more authentic the content will be.
  • Discuss In Depth– Instead of addressing multiple topics at once, write about one topic per post in as much depth as possible. This will show readers that you have a real interest in and knowledge of that topic, making them more likely to trust what you have to say.

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