Monday Hot 5

Summer has returned – or so it seems. Let’s celebrate with the Monday Hot 5.

Oh Snap! – That’s the Wrong IPO

Snap (makers of the popular app SnapChat) recently announced that they would be doing an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the near future. Well, some investors took that to be the VERY near future, and another company called Snap Interactive benefited from it! Snap Interactive had an IPO last week and saw its stock price surge to record highs, due to the confusion. Talk about a costly mistake, right?

When Cultures Clash – Movies vs. Video Games

Have you ever wondered why almost every video game that is based on a movie is so terrible (with the exception of the live action Mario Brothers)? Recently, Wired walked us through how Microsoft botched its pitch to studios for its Halo franchise, and it’s incredibly eye-opening. Who knew the corporate cultures between Hollywood and video game companies could be so different?

*slowly raises hand

Rebellion Beer Goes Down Under

There’s nothing I like more than seeing a local company having incredible success. I was pumped to see our very own Rebellion Brewery getting bottled down under in Australia. There’s nothing like enjoying their Lentil Cream Ale under the shade of the Sydney Opera House.

A VR Roller Coaster – Closing Your Eyes Won’t Help

I can still remember the first “VR Coasters” where you would sit in a vehicle propped up on hydraulics, and they would show you an outdated movie attempting to trick you into feeling like you were actually there. The partnership between Samsung and Six Flags is almost complete, and all I want to do is try it. But who is responsible for the gear if the Samsung VR falls off during the ride?

Netflix’s New Revenue Stream – Merchandise

Investors love for Netflix keeps growing, especially when they can promise increased revenue streams like merchandise. Yes, imagine buying a life-sized costume of the Demogorgon for Halloween, or having access to a Frank Underwood line of suits! It’s  happening soon, and I’ll be first in line.

That’s all for this week.

– Greg

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