Monday Hot 5

It’s May 1 (where did the time go…) and you know what the means. Time for the Monday Hot 5!

Heineken’s New Ad is “World’s Apart” from Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner Ad

After the complete failure of Pepsi’s most recent ad with Kendall Jenner that tried to solve serious problems with a can of pop, Heineken responded with their own ad that highlights important social issues that are so prevalent today. The ad, called “World’s Apart”, asked people to voice their honest opinions of social, political, global and religious issues on screen, and then meet up with a stranger that had an opposite opinion to theirs (without their knowledge). After completing small exercises together, their video is played on the big screen for the other to see. The response is a beautiful thing as people come together to enjoy a Heineken beer and discuss their differences (all while realizing they have many similarities as well).

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is one thing, but actually having a conversation is another. Kudos to Heineken for achieving what Pepsi couldn’t.

Spreading Happiness Through Socks

John, owner of John’s Crazy Socks, loves socks because they are “fun, colourful and keep your feet warm”. The business was started in December 2016, and since that time has skyrocketed with success by selling crazy and colourful pairs of socks. When he isn’t delivering purchases or writing hand-written notes to his customers, John attends high school and competes on the Special Olympic Snowshoe Team. That’s right, the 21-year-old has Down syndrome and has never allowed it to hold him back. In fact, he started the company as a way to give back (5% of profits) to charities and organizations such as autism awareness, The National Down Syndrome Society and breast cancer research.

John is a shining example of a young entrepreneur that went after what he loves and was successful at it. While he hasn’t done a lot of traditional marketing as of yet (he relies on word of mouth primarily), his dream is to grow the company to be even bigger so he can give back even more at the end of the day.

Google AutoDraw Let’s You Sketch like the Next Picasso

Did you grow up wishing you could draw like your best friend or the perfectionist that sat at the front of the class beside the teacher…now you can! Google launched a program called AutoDraw that allows people to scribble their thoughts down, and once the program recognizes what you are trying to draw, you click it and it gives you a perfect, symmetrical icon that can be used almost anywhere. The program uses the same technology as Quick, Draw! and provides you with various options for your next presentation or design project.

I don’t know about you, but my PowerPoint presentations just got a whole lot better…

This Week on Major Airline vs. Customer Service: United Airlines

Here we go again. I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the oversized rabbit (3 ft. long) that died after being transported on a United Airlines flight. According to the flight crew, the rabbit was alive and well when they landed, however, died after being locked in a freezer overnight. Yes, that’s right, a freezer overnight. While the airline denies that this is what happened, the cause of death was freezing temperatures indicating that this was most likely the case. They haven’t caught the employee who made the mistake yet, but only time will tell.

Not only have we lost the next potential largest rabbit in the Guinness World Record book, but there is a lonely celebrity out there, grieving over the loss of the rabbit they never got to meet.

The Power of the Internet – Scarlett Johansson and Grandma Geraldine set to have Drinks Together

After Grandma Geraldine’s grandson posted a younger picture of her on Reddit, stating that she looked exactly like Scarlett Johansson, the popular celebrity got wind of it and posted a video asking the 72-year old out for a drink where they could meet. The grandson also revealed that his grandma was “drunk as a skunk” when the picture was taken, and so Scarlett responded with asking her out for drinks so they could both be ‘drunk face’.

This is going to happen. And now Scarlett can get a good idea of what her future self will look like.

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