Look Closer – Seeing the Whole Picture

Have you seen everything before getting started on a new campaign?

Before beginning a creative project for a client it is so essential to understand the clients vision and goals. A few simple questions can go a long way to help your clients meet their goals and unlock their brand potential. Digging a little deeper into the who, what, why and how can be the greatest service a creative team can provide.

Recently, our client Jason came to us looking for a new logo. Jason’s logo needed to be serious because his product is about health and safety, but at the same time he wanted it to be fun, beautiful and express the customization options the user would have (similar to picking whether your iPod is green or pink). Already you can see we are facing two competing concepts, heath and safety vs. beauty and fun. In communicating with Jason further, we discovered a deep understanding of his product, his business goals and future needs. His future goals included product packaging and expanding his online and store sales. Instead of our design team creating one logo that could be busy with competing messages, we looked at how the overall brand could look and feel. We were able to expand Jason’s brand as a whole and help him see into the future. We brought elements of colour and fun into the packaging. We allowed the logo to stand as a clean typographic mark that evokes trust and stability. The brand elements and logo work together bringing life to two messages in a beautiful, thoughtful way.

Had we just executed the logo for Jason with no consideration for the future of his business, he would have achieved a short-term goal but his marketing investment would quickly outgrow itself. Now Jason has met his short-term goals and has a plan for once his long-term goals begin to unfold.

Yes, design is about creating beautiful solutions for our clients, but more importantly it’s creating functional, considerate solutions that also happen to look fantastic. I don’t believe in making marks without meaning. I do believe that the best design is smart design. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than creating a smart, thoughtful design that the client absolutely loves because it works on so many levels. As a designer, this is the greatest service you can provide to your clients. Arming them for the now, and the future.

3 quick tips for beginning a creative project:

  1. Ask the right questions.

Make sure you understand the who, what, why and how first. Talk to the client about why they want a brochure. It ís your job as a design team to make sure that is the best solution for the problem. Your experience could offer them a more-effective solution and build trust.

  1. Think about cost-effective ways to execute the plan.

Being creative with a budget is essential to design. Always consider your clients options and be mindful of their budget. On the flip side, don’t be afraid to dream big for your client. Your big idea won’t always be realistic today, but it can get the ball rolling for future campaigns and goal generating.

  1. Understand the root of the problem the client is trying to solve.

This not only helps you better service the client, but you get a well-rounded vision of the design challenge, allowing you to come up with better solutions to serve them now and long-term. Understanding the goal becomes the base of the design and everything grows outwards from here.

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