Improving Business Health Since 2004

This year, Look is celebrating our 13th year in business. That’s right, we have been improving business’s health since 2004, starting as a website company in a basement, and working our way up to the marketing and advertising agency we are today. And similar to the health food trends, Look offers a variety of services individually catered to your needs based on your company’s dietary preferences and industry trends. So whether you are a full-fat, Greek-style, fat-free or half the sugar company, we are ready to work with you.

And this year, as part of 2017’s New Year’s resolution plan and in an effort to improve our own company’s health, Look is making some changes.

Here are a few things to look forward to for 2017:

Candace Ippolito – New Business Development Specialist

“I’m an entrepreneur at heart, which translates to I’ve forgotten what it means to take a vacation.”

Look is proud to announce that Candace has joined our team! With a background unlike anything we have seen before, she brings with her a host of knowledge from the agriculture sector, not to mention some incredible business skills. You might see her in cowboy boots at Agribition or in a power suit in a board meeting, but it doesn’t really matter: you’ll get a candid, no-nonsense, business executive who is committed to making your business, and Look’s, better.

We’re Moving!

Gone are the days when we can tell people we work in the building with the big light up paint can! As of Spring 2017, Look will be moving into a new office space in the warehouse district that includes a collaborative work environment, more creative thinking space for ideas, and a separate boardroom and lunch room (which means no more meeting interruptions for food breaks). This new space will give us, and our clients, the opportunity to work in an environment that fosters creativity and communication, elevating our design process and improving inefficiencies and communication barriers between departments.

New and Improved – #LookBWise Seminars

First off, we want to thank everyone who came out to support our speakers at last year’s Look Business Wise Seminars. The response has been so positive that we plan to continue with our presentations for 2017, but with a new twist on them. Look will feature five local Saskatchewan influencers throughout the year, covering topics of interest to the business community and hot trends in our industry. They will be held during the lunch hour, with networking opportunities available over a delicious meal.

So #LookBWise and come out to hear some of today’s most influential Saskatchewan people. Watch your email for the announcement of our first speaker, scheduled to present in late February.

Stay tuned for more exciting news coming from Look for 2017. For now, we want you to be brave…. to be continued!

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