Finding Inspiration in our Day-to-Day Lives

If you would have asked who inspires me at the start of the week, I probably would have given you some example of a humanitarian sacrificing themselves to better the planet, or an artist breaking expectations and rising to fame. While that would be a fine response, this week at Dale Carnegie we were challenged to think of a personal story that impacted us emotionally, and then present it to the class.

Scary… but the experience made me realize the biggest inspirations in our lives are those people we see and interact with every day. Of course not every inspiration has to move us emotionally, but if it is a motivation to help improve ourselves or the people around us, I would consider it more than adequate. Maybe a co-worker regularly brings in baked goods to the office to treat everyone? They might just like baking and are looking for an excuse to get some practice in, but someone else could interpret it as a caring gesture to help get over the Monday hump, and may in turn be inspired to try their own hand at baking to help spread more cheer.

My biggest takeaway from the Dale Carnegie class this week is to always think of everyone who is trying and putting effort into their day in some way, and then recognize them for it and use the experience to improve myself. If the garbage man can give an enthusiastic “good morning” while working outside during our brisk Canadian Winters, then I’m sure we can find it in ourselves to be a little warmer to others.

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