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This Thursday at the University of Regina’s Shu-Box Theatre is an Inclusive Employment event called the 4 to 40 Employer Reception. Sponsored by SaskTel and Greystone Managed Investments, this reception will explore the importance of inclusive employment. The event is hosted by President Vianne Timmons with greetings from the Honourable Jeremy Harrison. The guest speaker, Mark Wafer, Inclusive Employment Champion, has been employing people with different capabilities since 1995 in his Tim Horton’s Stores. The first was Clint, a young man with Down’s Syndrome, who still works for Wafer.


Together with his wife Valerie, Mark has provided job placements, or employed, over 50 people with different abilities, and currently employ 14 people labelled with a “disability”.


Not all “disabilities” are visible.

When you hear “disability” what comes to mind? Down’s Syndrome? Being in a wheelchair? Differences of ability permeate every workplace whether visible or not. From Dyslexia to Attention Deficit Disorder and even to mental health and developmental delays – each of us knows someone (or are someone) who is affected by challenges. We can be a part of helping inform employers and empower others to be successful in their own right.

Every person deserves a place in society.

Inclusive Employment is a place to create change in society, and it starts young. A dear friend of mine, Barbara Cabrera, is an advocate for children with autism and works tirelessly to see her son get the resources he needs to thrive in the school system. Featured in the May 2014 issue of Pink magazine, Cabrera has strong convictions of what inclusivity can, and should, look like.


… In my opinion, the general population needs to change their thoughts/mentality around disabilities. They need to see these individuals as individuals and need to realize they are differently-abled but able nonetheless… everyone needs to have sensitivity training and awareness/acceptance education in order to make it all work.


Barbara’s vision is to help people break out of prejudices & stigmatisations to create a more accepting & inclusive world. In her opinion, it starts with inclusivity in the school system, something that she pushes for with her own son.

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You can be a part of this movement to encourage inclusivity in the workplace and enjoy networking and discussing opportunities for inclusive employment. The event is free to attend, and complimentary wine and beer will be served. You can spread the word by sharing this post on social media.
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