Don’t Be Such a Bore!

You’ve heard people say that being boring is about the worst thing you can be. Now, obviously that’s an exaggeration but it does hold some truth. Good or bad, anything beyond boring has a decent chance of grabbing your attention.

Getting someone’s attention is a good first step to selling to them.

Storytelling has always been this wonderful skill, captivating our imaginations since the beginning of time. We see it in the forms of art, literature and movies, and in almost every facet of life including business. Maybe you’ve noticed that businesses are investing heavily in producing content that tells you a story about their product, service, or culture. It’s because it shows personality and makes you feel something. It’s become the ultimate buy-in for selling a brand.

Anyone can simply list a product and price, but then, you’d be just like every other ad on the street, TV and internet. Ads are everywhere, and you need to give people a compelling reason to look, otherwise, your ads will get lost in the shuffle.

For example:

‘Hey, here’s my stuff! Look how affordable it is and how great it looks being eaten by this specimen of a human. Buy it!’

Ok, but, why yours and not someone else’s?

Now, let’s take a hitchhiker holding a sign, trying to catch a ride:

  1. “Need ride to Regina” or,
  2. “Need ride to Regina for Mom’s surprise bday! Got $20 and jokes :)”

If you were going to pick up one of these two, who would it be?

Be bold. Be brave. Otherwise, no one’s going to remember you.

Tell us what you think.