Do What You Do Best

In business and in life, trying to do too much is exhausting and can make you feel like you are spinning in circles. You might feel like you’re getting places – ambitious with all that work you are doing! But, is your work effective? Inspirational? Market-leading? Do you feel like the leader you were meant to be?

If not, maybe it’s time to try and focus on what you do best.

Take stock of what is really important to you and your business. If your business makes you far more money selling cupcakes than lemon pie – focus on the cupcakes. If you spend your day working the books, training staff, cleaning the stock room and have a hard time putting on a smile to sell the gadgets – let something go. The box on the shelf doesn’t have feelings and won’t care if you hire temp staff to put it away. Focus on what matters the most to your business – things that truly need your personal touch – like the genuine smile for your customers.

At Look Agency, I surround myself with coworkers who excel at what they do best. I am in awe of the new business rep who reads clients and truly understands things they say as much as the things they don’t. I am impressed with the administrators who organize everything our team needs before we even ask. And I try to understand the forward-thinking-ever-curious strategist who is two steps ahead of me, enlightened with the world outside our office. The thing is, they don’t need to do it all in order for our agency to be a buzz of activity. They just need to do what they do best.

Give yourself permission to do that too.

If you need help to make your business succeed, give us a call.

It’s what we do best.

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