Get out of the box – disruptive thinking inspires innovative marketing

A fresh set of eyes can be one of the best approaches to nurturing creativity. From web design, inbound marketing, advertising and marketing planning, Look has learned a lot about getting a fresh perspective and rolling with the punches. It is about innovation and durability, and also about focusing on results. Often when you look at something for long durations, you become numb to the details. For this reason, you should have different people proof a large document, sometimes on different days. Looking at something with a fresh set of eyes can reveal all sorts of things youl had not previously considered.

Disruptive thinking will change your marketing strategy development.

Disruptive (innovative or groundbreaking) ideas are often developed by people working outside their field of expertise, as it takes approaching age-old problems with a fresh set of eyes and a completely new approach. Younger generations offer a fresh perspective that, when paired with time-tested strategy, will revolutionize web design, print materials, and your marketing and advertising approach.

Apple’s iPhone

If we had let traditional phone makers continue to try to innovate the mobile phone, we would have the Motorola RAZR v14 by now. The developers at Apple saw what a phone could be – a pocket-sized computer – and approached their design with this innovative idea. Can you imagine what people in the industry thought when near buttonless phones were first proposed? Look at the lineup of smartphones being produced today – small, touchscreen computers in the palm of your hands.

Tesla PowerWall

Recently, entrepreneur, and billionaire extraordinaire, Elon Musk launched the Tesla Powerwall – a home battery that was built to move us away from our reliance on fossil fuels. If you live in Ontario or the USA, you’re familiar with variable-rate billing, which means that you’re used to paying a different rate for your energy depending on what time of day you’re using it (evenings and mornings are more expensive due to heavier demand).

The Powerwall not only creates a small (3’ diagonal x 6” deep) energy solution that can be easily mounted to your home’s wall, but it also allows people to capture and store power off the grid. This means that you could install solar panels and, with the right amount of batteries, have free power. Throw in a Tesla Motors and you now have free power and free gasoline!

Pembient’s 3D printed rhino horn

Perhaps the best example of disruptive thinking is shown in an awful case of poaching rhinos. Recently, there have been reports in the news that there is only one male northern white rhinoceros left in the world. His name is Sudan and he has an armed security detail, guarding him 24/7 as humankind tries to preserve the species we have nearly destroyed.


How did we get here? The northern white rhinoceros has been poached for its horn to near extinction. It’s believed in some tribes and cultures that the horn has special ‘properties’ that aid in healing, amongst other perceived benefits. Due to this belief, and the relatively small supply of rhino horns, they’ve become more and more valuable.


  • Make it illegal to poach
  • Build a higher fence
  • Place trackers on the rhinos
  • Bring them into captivity to protect them

Disruptive thinking inspires change.

Enter a Seattle-based company called Pembient. Their idea? To 3D print rhino horns and flood the market with them. By printing these horns, which are indistinguishable from the real thing, the value of rhino horns should fall dramatically. By approaching the poaching problem through the lens of technology and economics, this team has come up with a solution which could save the future of the rhinos.

Marketing strategy development is all about rolling with the punches.

Sometimes as much as we want to think outside the box, we are still too inside our environment to realize that there is really no box at all! At Look, it’s one of our greatest strengths; we’re nimble and approach our client’s challenges with the essence of a disruptive thinker. We create innovative marketing solutions, websites, content, and approaches to every aspect of the businesses we work with. Worried about budgets? Here are some tips for approaching your marketing and advertising budgets in a soft market. If you’re ready for creative strategy not bound by any box, Look this way. Schedule your free assessment to see if we can help you innovate with your marketing.

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