Art-vertisements: why we love to get creative as an advertising agency

Any advertising agency takes pride in their ability to make incredible works of art. It’s an interesting occupation to be in, because if you get the chance to see your art placed all around the city, the country, or even the world, it’s hard not to take pride in your work. In addition, there are countless advertising awards, capped off with the prestigious Cannes Lionnes awards, where the “best of the best” advertising agencies work is showcased and awarded.

Often these ads are functional and help create awareness garnering the desired response from clients and customers. But sometimes they aren’t.

  • Sometimes they are creativity for their own sake.
  • Sometimes they are an ego stroke for a firm, an art director, or a creative team.
  • Sometimes, they are simply works of art, not advertising.

Advertising is the intersection of art and strategy, it is not art for art’s sake.

When the firm behind these ‘artvertisements’ (which offer no results for their client) win an award, who wins and who loses? The firm who created the ad. The client who footed the bill still has the unmet goals they started out with! This is why so many companies look at advertising agencies with reproach: they have polluted the industry with myopic, self-serving goals.

Our collective community has to deal with an industry who approaches potential clients with the promise of endless excitement and ROI on their marketing budget, only to turn and use the money to further their own gain.

A creative agency that puts your goals first.

If the creative is eye catching, memorable, impressive, yet misses goals – we still had fun right? Is it worth it?

That’s why, as proud as we are of making what we consider to be world class creative and winning industry awards, the real metric for our success at Look comes at the end of the year, campaign, or season. That is where we, alongside our clients, celebrate together when we see that they have achieved their business’s goals for the year.

We are not just an advertising company: we care about your ROI.

At Look, the real award we’re interested in receiving is a silent one: the award of our clients viewing their year-end results with a smile on their face; as they’ve attained the goals we set with them at the beginning of the year. That smile is the only award worth coming to work for, day after day, and year after year.

We’re Look, and we make good people successful.

  1. Bill Thorn 25/02/2016, 10:06:48 AM

    Bang on Greg…I have seen many ads and campaigns win awards that did nothing for what they were supposed to do – help sell more stuff for the client. Creativity for creativity’s sake is incredibly misguided.

    • Gregory Moore 25/02/2016, 10:07:21 AM

      Thanks Bill!

      I’m a big fan of art, but if it doesn’t meet the client needs, then it’s not good advertising!

  2. James Rathwell 25/02/2016, 10:07:44 AM

    I agree. Nowadays it seems that most advertising campaigns try to be too clever and “over-the-top”. In any industry, the true winners are the companies that genuinely listen and execute a plan based upon a client’s end-goal. It doesn’t necessarily have to be flashy to be effective. Awards are nice, but satisfied customers who tell your story for you because you ACTUALLY listened…. Priceless.

    • Gregory Moore 25/02/2016, 10:08:43 AM

      I’m with you James! Sometimes, it’s the simplest solution that speaks the loudest.

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