Creating Loyal Customers for Life

Everyone has their reasons for making (and not making) a purchase of a particular product or service. I’ve seen someone purchase a Toyota Corolla because it was available in the Brown Sugar colour, a Samsung Galaxy because some kid said it was cool, and a pair of pants from Lulu Lemon because of their outstanding service. Service is a common reason many people seek out certain brands, and an area all businesses need to pay special attention to.

Almost a decade ago I was working just outside Fort McMurray, travelling to and from an off-site location. My cellular service was inexplicably cutting in and out on the highway, which isn’t ideal when travelling. I called Telus Mobility a few times to troubleshoot my phone, and inquired whether or not anything could be done to assist me in the purchase of a new device after nothing proved successful in fixing my phone.

The customer service rep could have easily told me nothing could be done because I was still on contract. Instead, she apologized for the inconvenience and then found an alternative solution for me. She offered me the chance to upgrade early (in the days before early upgrades existed) and to my surprise, she restructured my plan to be incredibly affordable with a ton of additional goodies. My plan was the envy of all my friends, as far as cell phone plans go. The savings she generated have been long lasting – even to this day.

My point is that she was a representative of the company and went above and beyond to provide amazing customer service. Great customer service is a reflection of your brand, and it can have a lasting impact on your bottom line. Steer your company culture in a direction where every action is made to improve the customer experience. It makes the decision to purchase a product or service from your organization that much easier, which is paramount to your continued growth because without the customer, none of us would be in business.

I can confidently tell you that I will always be a loyal Telus customer, because they’re also loyal to me. I’ve been a Telus client for 13 years now, and my commitment was solidified by that one interaction nine years ago. Thank you, Donna.


  1. Jeph Maystruck 11/07/2016, 3:31:23 PM

    Neat post Ryan!! I do agree, it’s nice to be loyal to companies who once cared dearly about us. I’ve noticed another trend as well as of late, we tend to hang on to grudges a lot longer too. A fellow from our office had a horrible experience at a local steak house (9-12 months ago). To this day we still joke about how bad that place “is”. The funny thing is “that” place isn’t bad at all, it’s probably one of the best in the city, but because that one negative piece of word-of-mouth came from someone credible the baby is launched out the window with the bath water.

    Reading your post made me agree with you but also think of the side effects of this share everything online world we live in. Long live loyalty!!!


    • Ryan Gee 11/07/2016, 4:12:22 PM

      Thanks, Jeff!

      I agree with you. We tend to hold on to our own beliefs, buy into someone else’s, and can have a greater influence with the ‘share everything online world’ we live in. Even then, good or bad, it’s only meant to be a starting point in formulating your opinion. Everything evolves, and if need be, so should our views.

      Hopefully something like loyalty, however, is continuously earned time and time again.

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