Today, Warren Barry gave us a Business Wise Seminar to remember!

Today, we were delighted to host our second Business Wise Seminar with Warren Barry at the Wascana Country Club. Warren was dynamic, and we all left inspired. Understanding instincts can help you to embrace your unique needs. Understanding the instincts of the people around you can help you to grow in empathy and function efficiently.

The Heathers.

For myself, I think of my coworker Heather. We have very similar, outgoing personalities. We can be very poised, and we can also be very dynamic and boisterous. To the outsider, we are homogenous.



Our instincts, however, are completely opposite. I think creatively and fast, she is practical and needs to do research to know the whole story. We could frustrate each other, but instead we work together and complement each other’s skills. I come to her with big ideas and dreams, and she helps me to hone into what is reasonable and doable. She comes to me when she needs help thinking on her feet, and responding quickly. That synergy is what Warren helps companies, like ours, achieve.

Experience less stress at work.

When we work against our instincts – we put ourselves under a lot of stress and unnecessary pressure. If you made me, for example, sit and do the same task over and over again, I would get painfully bored, disengaged, and my body would reflect that pressure; I am a dreamer and a strategist. Heather, on the other hand, is careful and loves to put things in order over and over again; she is practical and a doer. Get the picture? If she was working in my position and had to come up with creative concepts and have a constantly evolving workflow, that would make her disengage and freeze.

Hire the right people for the job.

Zlatan told the story today of when we were hiring a project manager. We had two incredibly competent people who applied to help organize the team, schedule tasks and follow up with clients. One candidate, Ryan, had the right set of instincts to suit the position – a strong aptitude for research and follow through. The other, Suzanne, was difficult to pass by because she was so exceptional – but as a self-starting dreamer she is better suited in the clouds than in the weeds (behind a calendar). We hired Ryan, and when a digital strategist job came up at Hillberg & Berk, we recommended Suzanne immediately. Today, Ryan and Suzanne work synergistically and are contributing to the respective businesses; in their positions they receive better in job satisfaction as a result.

Let us know what you want to learn.

We take pride in bringing you quality resources. Let us know what you want to hear, and from whom, and we will do our best to make it a reality. At our last one, we learned from Rachel Meilke of Hillberg & Berk. I can’t wait to tell you what we are planning for next time.



Coming soon, video highlights from the seminar. A special thank you to our friends at Play Creative for sponsoring the video production.

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